2016 Season Review

This past season has been a mixed one. With four stalwarts taking a hiatus (President Adam Coxsell: moved to Australia; Steven Maguire: moved to Ireland; Gav Lawrenc...




Birmingham Bears Australian Rules Football Club

Birmingham Bears are part of the AFL England Central & North-East (AFLCNE) division. We play Manchester Mosquitoes, Nottingham Scorpions, Huddersfield Rams, Sheffield Thunder, Wolverhampton Wolverines, Tyne Tees Tigers, and the new team for 2016, Merseyside Saints.

Now that the 2016 season is over, we start training again in February 2017. But keep an eye out for off-season games by checking out our Twitter feed and Facebook group. We usually train on Tuesday evenings at Selly Park, Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak at 18:15pm (subject to change). All abilities are welcome, so come down for some fun and fitness. Get in touch with us at brumbears.afl@gmail.com.

History: 2009 Runners-up. 2010 Didn't field a team. 2011 5th Place. 2012 6th Place, missing out on a semi-final spot in the last game of the season. 2014 Semi-finalists (or prelims for the big footy fans) losing out to the eventual winners. 2015 5th Place. 2016 Combined with Wolverhampton Wolverines to reach semi-finals.



Round 13 vs Tyne Tees
Tyne Tees 0-0-0 def Bears 0-0-0

Round 12 vs Nottingham
Nottingham 0-0-0 def Bears 0-0-0

Round 11 vs Sheffield
Sheffield 0-0-0 def Bears 0-0-0

Round 10 vs Huddersfield
Huddersfield 0-0-0 def Bears 0-0-0